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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 : After four years of waiting, Finally One Punch Man Season 2 is releasing finally in April 2019. One punch man is a Japanese Anime focusing around Saitama a powerful superhero, his superpowers are he can defeat anyone with an One Punch, soon Saitama gets bored of defeating his opponents easily and over his journey he meets other superheroes (friends, villains, enemies). OPM Season 1 is all about Saitama getting to know the other superheroes and his friendship and things he learns from them over the course.

One Punch Man Season 2

One Punch Man Season 2 is finally coming this summer, In Season 2 the makers of OPM has introduced a new character called “Garou”. Garou is a powerful martial artist who is training to become a monster. One Punch Man Season 2 creators have shared a 2-minute trailer on YouTube which you can watch here

However, One Punch Man fans doesn’t seem happy with the trailer. One user wrote ” PLEASE postpone the release of this season and give the team the time it needs to deliver better quality.” while other user wrote “I’ve been waiting for years and JC Staff bring me this c**p :(”

Judging by the comments, the fans of the Anime doesn’t look happy as the video has 60% of the dislikes and the comment section is full of criticism.

OPM Season 2 Timeline

1. OPM Season 1 was made by Madhouse media which has reputation of making some of the best Anime like Death Note and many.

2. It was revealed that JC Staff would be working on the production for Season 2.

How to Watch One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 ?

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 will be released on Major websites such as Hulu, Netflix. Netflix only has it in few countries

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Swing Lifestyle and Real Swinger Dating Sites 2019 Sun, 17 Mar 2019 15:41:54 +0000 Read moreSwing Lifestyle and Real Swinger Dating Sites 2019

Swing Lifestyle and Real Swinger Dating Sites 2019 : Swinging has become a trend these days, Swinging is a sexual practise followed by many of them these days, to explore their sexual interests. If you are new to Swinging or looking for something related to Swinging, we have made a Beginner’s to Advance level guide for Swinging.

This guide covers major things related to swinging, below are some topics that have discussed.

Swing Lifestyle : What is Swinging ?

Swing Lifestyle (or) Swinging, in it’s truest form is the swapping of sexual partners. However in a club it tends to cover a multitude of things. It’s popularity is on the rise, though very few people actually talk about it amongst friends, usually as there is a bit of stigma still attached to it and so many questions. Swinging has many names like Partner swapping, wife swapping, hotwife or husband swapping. Usually this trend is followed by couples with couples there is no age group for swinging. Youngsters as young as 21 in a committed relationships are also choosing swinging to explore their interests.

However, Swinging is not forced both the man and the woman discuss about it and if they feel like they’re up for it. they try swinging.


Precautions or safety when Swinging ?

As you would with any sexual encounter with anyone new it is a good idea to protect yourself against unwanted diseases. Always, use protection and condoms especially when you’re swinging with a new couple to protect yourself from any diseases also, ask your partners if they have any diseases.

How to Meet Swingers ?

There’s a couple of different ways to find couples. Online is usually the quickest, you don’t have to ask the usual questions of what they’re after, what experiences they already have etc and you can talk to people at any time without being face to face with them. However, just like dating apps you can’t find out how someone is, any chemistry between you until you actually meet them. If you’ve spent weeks talking to a couple or a single and you find they aren’t quite what you’re looking for it can be a bit disheartening.

The majority of people tend to visit designated clubs, where safety is of paramount importance. They operate a rule of a polite no never offends, this is something you will find at all of them and those not adhering to this will be removed. There is normally a dress code, it’s worth checking out the clubs FAQs as all of them are different. There are absolutely no expectations at these places, and you should never feel pressured to swap or carry out any activity with anyone else you aren’t comfortable with.

Although the swinging scene is pretty much kept a secret there are plenty of clubs around. Just in my local area I know of three or four, but you wouldn’t really know of them unless you were looking, the best bet is to search online they will normally give a rough location. Prices of entry can really vary, as does the facilities there, my preferred club has a hot tub, general play area and a couples only area among others. Some but not all provide towels and there are normally lockers to store your belongings. It’s worth when picking a club to read through their rules and general running of things to find out what suits you. A lot of them have themed nights which are good fun and give you a chance to dress up. They tend to have separate bar areas, some operate a bring your own booze policy others have a licensed bar and even provide a buffet, again something their website will tell you. Arrive when it opens on your first visit, you will generally be shown around and told how the club runs.

I don’t personally swap and when I go I stick with just my partner. However it’s a great atmosphere and a lot of fun. You will see all manner of body types and all manner of ages there so don’t be put off if you’re not keen on parts of you as if I’m honest no one there really cares. People will watch and people will get down to it around you so it’s a pretty body positive place to be.

It can be a bit daunting on your first visit to go to a club without having any kind of experience though a clubs members are usually very friendly and as long as you’re friendly back you won’t have a bad experience there.

How to Choose Swingers or Swinging Couple ?

While Swing Lifestyle,Picking a couple or single you actually want to play with is much the same as outside of that environment. The chemistry between all members needs to be there. Usually the conversation will move round to what you’re looking for, which is about the time you’ll find out if they’re also interested. It can be daunting if you’re new to it, though just be honest with them and say you’re new and they will probably steer the conversation to what you’re after. If not, slot in your questions when the time seems appropriate.

How to Avoid Catfishers ?

Catfishing is unfortunately part and parcel of finding a couple or a single to play with online. It’s not really something you can easily avoid, much like a normal dating app. Normally the advice is to find a profile that looks genuine. Professional photos and a profile that seems too good to be true are usually a big giveaway. Meeting in a swingers club is a much easier way to avoid this, if you’re dipping your toes in it can seem a little full on at first though in my experience clubs tend to be the better way of doing things. With the price of entrance to them being quite steep you generally find the people there are much more genuine and are nine times out of ten there for the same reasons you are.

How to meet Swingers at a safe place ?

If you’ve found someone online it’s usually a good idea to meet up in a public place and get to know what they are like before deciding whether you want to play with them. However I tend to stick to clubs as it’s much safer.

I’ve been attending clubs for a few years now. Whilst I’ve had the odd occasion of someone following me when I’ve said I’m not interested (they have then been swiftly removed) in general it’s been great fun. Remember; you don’t have to swap if you don’t want to. You don’t even have to venture into the play areas on your first visit, though with everything going on there I find it hard to believe you’d sit in the bar all evening. Many people myself included don’t actually swap. Discuss with your partner at length before you go what you’re expectations are regarding what you want to do. I personally would go and stick between two to start with. Normally heading to the play areas a couple of hours after it has opened is a good idea. So if you’re thinking of it, just take the plunge. It’s a great, late night out.

List of Real Swinger Dating Sites 2019

Meeting Swingers in Swing Lifestyle is really easy these days, unlike olden days it’s no longer a hassle with the number of apps that are available these days and using the apps you identity is also protected as most of the apps offer anonymous experience, below is the list of real swinger dating sites list where you can meet and start having a great swing lifestyle.

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How to Use Snapchat at School – Best Snapchat VPN Wed, 13 Mar 2019 16:27:11 +0000 Read moreHow to Use Snapchat at School – Best Snapchat VPN

How to Use Snapchat at School – Best Snapchat VPN : Snapchat is one of the most used apps among teens, Snapchat is used mostly by students that are going to School / College. Snapchat main audience is teenagers aged between (13 – 21) so most of the snap users are either students from school or university.  Snapchat enables you to take snaps and send them to your friends/family/colleagues. Snapchat also has the location-filter option where you could snap if you are going to an event such as WWE Event or Cochella event or anything.

Many School networks usually blocks access to Internet and limit internet access to specific sites or IP Address, these IP addresses could be the the place where your educational videos are stored and the login access to these IP Addresses is given to the lecturers, Some schools or universities block certain websites on school network in order to make the students productive without them wasting their time on social media, which makes it hard for students to browse apps such as Facebook, Instagram, KIK and Snapchat while at school. But, you can unblock these apps using a VPN, A VPN is something which let’s you browse using an another location and let’s your browse safely at school. In this guide, You will learn how to use snapchat at school and Best snapchat VPN’s to use snapchat while you’re in school.

Best Snapchat VPN


How to Use Snapchat at School

1. Go to VYPR VPN, or select any VPN’s from the below list. Select any plan and enter your details such as Name,Email and pay for the VPN using Credit Card / Debit Card / PayPal / Alipay.

Activate 25% OFF Discount on VYPR VPN

2. Now, Install VYPR VPN on your Android/iOS device and login to VYPR VPN using your registered VYPR VPN Email and password.

3. Now, Select any location from the list and click “Connect”

4. Once you are connected, Open snapchat and you’ll be able to use Snapchat without any block in school/college.

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How to Access Omegle Even if you are Banned – Omegle Banned Sat, 09 Feb 2019 17:14:47 +0000 Read moreHow to Access Omegle Even if you are Banned – Omegle Banned

How to Access Omegle Even if you are Banned : If you wanna talk to strangers online, Omegle is the best place to visit and meet strangers online. Omegle is moderated by the Omegle admins and they’ll ban you, if they see you flashing private parts or doing some nasty stuff. But, sometimes omegle can ban you for no reason. I keep getting messages like “Omegle Banned” “Banned from omegle” “Banned on omegle for no reason” “how to remove omegle ban” “I got banned from omegle” on a daily basis. I decided to write an article on how to remove the omegle ban in less than 20 seconds.


How to Access Omegle Even if you are Banned – Omegle Banned

Method 1 : Using VYPR VPN

You can use VYPR VPN to get unbanned from Omegle. VYPR VPN is an amazing tool which lets you use Omegle even when you are banned from it.Below is a picture of case when omegle is banned.

1. Go to VYPRVPN and select any plan that fits you best, using our link will give you a 25% Discount.


Activate 25% OFF DEAL

2. Enter all your details in the next step such as Name, Email, Password and make the payment.


3. Now Download the VYPR VPN app for your device such as Android/iOS/Mac/Windows and install it in your device.

Download VYPR VPN


4. Once you have installed it on your device enter your login details that you used in the step 2. You can find these details in your email.


5. Now, click on the location button as shown in the image below and seleect “Show all servers”


6. Choose a location which has high speed and connect to it. For Example Australia-Perth has really good speed. The green ones indicate that it has faster speed.


7. Once you have selected a location, now click connect and start browsing Omegle. You can see that your Omegle is unbanned.


Unban Omegle Now

Method 2 : Using Nord VPN

1. Go to NordVPN and select a plan


Activate 72% OFF Discount

2. Enter your Name, Email and payment method and select your billing method and make the payment.


3. Now download the Nord VPN in your PC/Laptop/Android/iOS device and Install it on your device.


4. Open the Application on your device and select any location, and now try to open omegle. You can see it’s working fine.

If you have connected to a server and if it still doesn’t work, then you can do the following.

  1. Close your browser and re-open the browser and try again
  2. Choose another Location such as Germany or America or anything that has higher speed.

Unsafe Methods : The Reason I Wrote Unsafe Methods is,Because Below Methods are used by hundreds and thousands of users. Same IP Address are given to many people and there’s a possibility that the person who used the Previous IP Address had got banned Already. So,If you want Working Method,Use the above links.

Method 1 : By using Hola Extension

To Get unbanned from Omegle,Type manually in your web browser and install the Hola Extension,Hola supports every Browser like Firefox,chrome etc. Once,installed turn on the extension and select europian/american countries because you can access omegle with those countries IP address.

Method 2 : By Using Zenmate Extension

Google for “Zenmate” and install the extension in whatever the browser you are using in. Once,installed verify your email address you will get free trial for seven days keep changing countries until you find a working IP. [Newly Updated]

Method 3 : By Using Browsec Extension

If the above doesn’t work,then try this method.Google for “Browsec” Extension and Install the Chrome/Firefox Extension and once Installed you can choose four Locations in the Free Version of the Extension.


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Flying for First Time ? Here’s Everything you need to Know Mon, 04 Jun 2018 20:31:26 +0000 Read moreFlying for First Time ? Here’s Everything you need to Know

If you are Flying for the first time, you might have gazillions of questions. Because traveling by flight is a lot different than traveling using a bus (or) a train. There are certain documents you must carry especially while traveling by flight. There are certain do’s and don’ts that you might know. If you are traveling for the first time whether domestic or International this guide will help you with all your questions about first time flying.

Here is the complete checklist of things you might need before traveling.

  1. Passport
  2. VISA
  3. Flight Tickets
  4. Additional Documents

1. Passport

If you are flying outside the country the first and foremost thing you need is a passport issued by your country. If you don’t have a passport, you can apply for it and the government will issue the passport and it will be delivered from one week to 30 days.

2. VISA (International)

If your destination is within your country you don’t need a VISA. If you are traveling outside the country, VISA is a must. There are several types of visas such as Travel / Tourist VISA, Marriage VISA , Business VISA, Study VISA and different kinds of visa. I have listed out some of the most common visa’s.

Travel / Tourist VISA : If you are traveling outside the country then you must posses a visa for that specific country otherwise your Immigration will not be cleared by the Immigration officer and you will be sent back. It is advised to check if you need a VISA for that country, most tourist countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia issues visa upon arrival.

Types of VISA’s : There are two kind of VISA’s, Sometimes you must need a VISA before boarding the flight, Sometimes you can obtain a VISA after you arrive in the country. They are basically called VOA ( Visa on Arrival ).

To check if your Passport is eligible for VISA on arrival option to your destination country, Simply type the following term in Google [VISA Requirement for [your country] Citizens] and check all the conditions and documentation you need before visiting that country. Some countries ask you to provide your Bank Statement, Health Statement and if you are visiting from African countries you need to be tested for Yellow fever and the certificate should be carried with you during your journey.

eg : VISA Requirement for Sweden Citizen – If you have a Swedish Passport.

Business VISA : If you are a business man or business woman and speaking at a conference or going for investment in a specific country then you must obtain a Business VISA at any cost. If you try to avoid the VISA fee and travel on a business trip on a tourist visa, the immigration will put a life ban and send you back immediately if caught. It is always advised to apply for a Business VISA when traveling on business purpose.

3. Flight Tickets

Flight tickets are the third important thing you must have in order to travel to another country, it is advised to plan your itinerary properly and book the return tickets as well. Because most of the tourist countries only let you in, if you have a return ticket. Plus, when you book the tickets two way it cost you a little cheaper.

Tip : Use sites like to compare the prices of flight tickets of various airlines, If you book your tickets a month or 15 days before your travel you might get them for a lot cheaper than buying it at the last moment.

Important Note : Your First Name and Last Name on the ticket must match with your First Name and Last Name in the Passport.

4. Additional Documents

If you are traveling from African countries you must carry additional documents such as Health Certificate to show you have no signs of Yellow fever or any diseases.

Some countries will ask you to carry your Bank Statement of last 3 months – 6 months. Make sure to check all the requirements on the Wikipedia page (or) you can find these details on the Immigration website of that specific country.

From Airport to Boarding the Flight

Terminal : In most of the airports there are separate terminals for International and Domestic Departure, While in some airports International and Domestic Departures are situated in same terminal but in different gates.

If you have problem finding your Gate, Ask the Security or Police at the Airport.

Security : Once you enter the gate, Show the Security your Passport and Tickets. This is to verify you are a passenger.

Check-in and Boarding Pass : Now find the counter of the airline you are flying with, If you are traveling by Singapore Airlines then go to the Singapore Airlines Check-in counter. Provide the documents on the counter such as Air Tickets, Passport, VISA and load your luggage on the belt.

The customer care at Check-in Counter will paste the baggage labels on your Luggage. The tags have your flight information and your name. This is to identify your luggage while picking it up in the destination country. Once you checked in your luggage you will be handed over Boarding pass if all your documents are correct.

Self Check-in : These days you can check-in by yourself with self check-in machines, I’m not sure if they are present all over the world. But, most of the airports have it. Enter your Ticket Details in the Self Check-in machine and print your boarding pass and paste the baggage labels to your baggage that came with your boarding pass.

If you have Luggage upto 7 KG, you can carry it with you in hand luggage. If it exceeds more than 7 KGs then you must check-in the luggage at check-in counter.

Immigration : The next step is Immigration, Immigration applies to people traveling to a foreign country, Domestic Travelers don’t need immigration. Head over to the Immigration Counter and show all the documents.

The Immigration officer will ask you questions such as the purpose of your visit. They will try to scare you sometimes, don’t be scared and answer the questions asked and get your passport stamped.

Checking : After your immigration is cleared, The next part is Security Checking. You will find the Security Check point right after the Immigration. Put all your Hand luggage including anything you are wearing such as Phone, Wallet, Coins, Keys, Belt in the box provided . Once you are cleared and checked you will be sent to the boarding gate. If they find anything suspicious items such as Knives or sharp objects they will question you.

Boarding Gate : After clearing the security check the final step is finding your Boarding Gate. Find your boarding gate, this can be found on your boarding pass (or) the flight information board nearby. The boarding gate closes 30 minutes – 45 minutes prior to departure time (take off). It is advised to be present there before 45 minutes so that you don’t lose your flight.


Seats : Once you go inside the airline, the next thing you should be doing is finding your seat. If you have problem finding it, ask the cabin crew they will help you.

Seat Belt : Before take-off and landing you should wear the seat belt, if you have problem wearing it ask the cabin crew how to use it.

In Flight Meals : Once the flight is in air, the cabin crew would come with meals. If you have booked the meals already show them your boarding pass otherwise you can also buy on the flight. You will find the menu in the front seat along with the magazines.

Pre-Landing : You will be handed Immigration form in the flight, Fill up all the details like your purpose, Hotel Name, Number of days, Return Date, Cash* (Amount of cash you are carrying).

If the flight doesn’t provide the Immigration form, you can find it in the airport in the Luggage Pickup Section.

Landing : Once your flight is landed on the destination airport, wait until the people empty the flight and walk out from the flight.

Immigration : After arriving at your destination airport, you should go to the immigration counter. Show your passport and VISA, the Immigration officer would ask you few questions regarding your purpose like why are you visiting the country, whether business or travel show them all the documents asked.

Luggage Pickup Point : After clearing the Immigration you can pickup your luggage if you have checked in any luggage. There are many luggage belts, to find the right Luggage belt look on the board or ask one of the porters and tell them about your flight information.

Security : You must show the Immigration form that was provided to you in the flight, the security at the destination country would check you luggage once again in the screening monitor. Put all the stuff such as Laptop, Belt, Wallet in a box and walk out of the airport after clearing the security.

Money Exchange : Make sure to search about the currency at your destination country. The point here is, there is a difference in currency in different countries. In countries such as Indonesia, Zimbabwe the value of 100$ is equal to millions in their local currency.

Eg : 100USD = 1.3 Million Indonesian Rupiahs

100 USD = 36,000+ ZWD

Exchange rate is generally not good at the airport. The best way to get good conversion is visit different Money Exchangers in the airport and get exchanged at the place you feel the price is best.

Western Union also gives you good exchange on the foreign currency especially USD, EUR and GBP.

Hotel Booking : and are two of the biggest hotel sites around the world. They operate in all countries, If you haven’t booked your hotels search for the hotels on the website and find the one that suits your budget and is near your preferred area.

Taxi : Most taxi drivers and private taxi companies in the airport try to scam foreigners and they give a 3x – 5x higher price than what they quote to the locals. UBER is operated in 100+ Countries, You might choose UBER if you have been using it in your home country.

Images taken from

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Akribos XXIV Watches Review 2019 – Buyers Guide Tue, 22 May 2018 17:01:47 +0000 Read moreAkribos XXIV Watches Review 2019 – Buyers Guide

Akribos XXIV Review 2019 : A Watch is something most people would consider wearing,  it adds charm to your personality. There are millions of different watches with thousands of designs, Some people have a great interest in Luxury Watches such as Rolex, Rado, Bvlgari and some people buy watches because they have passion and want to add different watches to their collection. But, the top brand watches like Rolex, Rado, Bvlgari price starts from thousands. However, there are other Luxury watches such as Akribos Watches which you could get for low price and it gives exact feel like some of the top brands.

Before buying a watch there are some factors that needs to be considered. The three main factors are listed below

Three Main Features to Consider Before Buying a Watch

There are many things you should consider before buying a watch. However, Majority of the people consider these three things while buying a watch.

STYLE  : The primary reason anyone would buy a watch is because to look at the time and the other reason is watches add sexiness when you wear them with right clothes.

MATERIAL : The second thing you should be looking in a watch is, whether it is made from good material and it stays with you for long time.

WARRANTY : The Third thing you need to be looking while buying a watch is, whether the watch company is providing warranty. Since, Akribos watches are Luxury watches they comes with 1 year warranty, If your Watch encounters any problem the company would replace you with a new watch.

Top 10 Akribos XXIV Watches Reviews 2019

1. Akribos XXIV AKR493RG

Akribos XXIV AKR493RG


Buy Now from Amazon   

This is the signature watch from Akribos, One of the best ever Akribos watch on our list as this is a Limited Edition Watch. The AKR493RG has a promising fully functioning tourbillon and it works really well. This is the cheapest tourbillion movement you’d ever find. The Swiss tourbillion would cost around 15 – 20 times the price of this watch.

It is equipped with Anti reflective Sapphire and the bezel material is made of stainless steel. The AR493RG has Hangzhou PTS 3310 mechanism movement the pattern from Breguet Grand Complication with a flying cage. The finish of this watch is really great and it weighs really good, you could feel it when you hold the watch. The AR493RG is water resistant and can be wore while swimming and showering.

You could order additional bands if you want to replace with the current one. Overall, it is a very beautiful watch and well made watch and on the wrist it looks like a very expensive high end Swiss watch.

2. Akribos XXIV AKR415BK

Buy Now from Amazon   

Akribos AK415BK is a Grandiose Diamond Chronograph watch, The diamonds are set within the bezel and the sapphires within the face, so it catches great light. It has a true grandiose presence, looks beautifully with a black  outfit. AK415BK Comes with stainless steel bracelet which is extremely shiny and well decorated. It feels heavy when you wear it and gives you a royal look on your wrist.

A durable Krysterna window shields the silver dial, which features rows of embedded diamonds, silver Roman numeral hour markers, and slim black minute indexes with Arabic numeral markers in five-minute increments. The dial also showcases three chronograph sub-dials. The watch has quartz movement, the watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

The Bezel material is made of Diamond and stainless steel and the watch fold comes with double push button. AK415BK has Silver pave dial with Silver-tone, luminous hands and crystals hour markers. It also has Chronograph which helps measure time more accurately. The dial type is Analog and it also displays date which you can see at bottom right just below 3’0 clock.

A big and stylish watch, worth the money, If you have a big personality and want to rock a watch, this is a recommended piece.

3. Akribos XXIV AKR589SS


Buy Now from Amazon   

Akribos AKR589SS is a Mechanical Skeleton Rose Gold-tone Strap watch, The case of this watch is made of Stainless steel and it comes with a leather strap made from Calfskin. The watch has mechanical hand wind movement. The case of the watch comes with Krysterna Shatter proof crystal which makes this watch standout among others.

Akribos AKR589SS gives a Royal and Elegant look and gets everyone’s eyes on this piece of beauty when you wear it on any occasion. Speaking of dial, the dial is made of rose gold-tone and has mechanical movement. The watch is waterproof and comes with a 2-year warranty.

4. Akribos XXIV AKR451YG


Buy Now from Amazon   

If you are a fan of Skeleton Watches, this might be the watch you should be looking for. Akribos AK451YG is a bold and stylish watch to look at, when you wear it everyone compliments this watch and it gives a royal look on your wrist. The skeleton dial gives you a clear view of the well-crafted automatic movement, it comes with round 316L surgical grade stainless steel case.

The watch is not too heavy as it has the leather strap which is made of calfskin, which is blue in color. It looks great when you wear it on sports attire as it is a sports watch and gets me lots of compliments whenever i wear it to parties or any special occasions. Overall, it’s a great watch and you won’t be disappointed with this one.

5. Akribos XXIV AK451SS


Buy Now from Amazon   

The Akribos AK451SS is a really great and beautiful watch, The watch has a remarkable diamond and crystal design equipped with stainless steel bracelet. It has fixed crystals inside the watch and the dial is made of Crystal Pave with silver tone hands and it also has four genuine diamonds which can be seen at 3,6,9,12’o clock. The watch has Quartz movement with date feature which can be found at 3’o clock. Speaking of Pull / Push Crown it is made of Scratch Resistant mineral crystal with solid case back.

Unlike the AK451SS it has deployment clasp with push button and is a Water resistant at 30 meters / 100 feet.If you like to wear Fancy watchs Akribos XXIV Men’s AK451SS is a good choice for you.

6. Akribos XXIV AK745


Buy Now from Amazon   

This Akribos XXIV men’s chronograph watch features a Silver sun-ray dial with a printed minute track and Roman numeral hour markers. This watch comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet, this watch is perfect for any occasion.

Both the head and the bracelet are of stainless steel and it has a Japanese quartz movement unlike, some akribos watches this watch comes with date feature which can be found at the bottom right at 5’o clock and is water resistant upto 50M you can use it while in shower but not while swimming.

The watch has adjustment knob as well as two buttons above and below the adjustment knob, the knob helps you to set the time while the other buttons help you adjust the time. It is a really good watch and a budget Akribos watch, it feels heavier than you think when wearing it.

7. Akribos XXIV AK629SS


Buy Now from Amazon   

Akribos AK629SS is a skeleton gold-tone stainless steel watch, the watch looks great when you wear it on a suit as well as sporty attire like golf attire. The watch is really shiny when you wear it and believe me the picture posted here doesn’t do any justice. The hour and minutes hand are in blue color and the dial window is made of synthetic sapphire.

The watch can survive with sprinkles of water like when you are taking a shower, but cannot be used while you are swimming or immersing it in water. A fine piece and a limited quality watch from Akribos.


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How to Watch Blocked Youtube Videos Mon, 30 Apr 2018 19:04:05 +0000 Read moreHow to Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos : YouTube has grown exponentially a lot from the last few years because of the new content creators making content users are also increasing significantly due to the content that is available on the platform. YouTube is available in every major language such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Hebrew and many more. But, some of the content that is available in the United States might not be available in Australia or United Kingdom because of the copyrights problem. If you visit a video that is produced in other country and the user has restricted it from showing in your country you’ll see the following messages.

This video is not available in your country” “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” “This content is not available in your country due to legal complaint from your government” and many more such messages. To overcome this block, you can use a good VPN.


How to Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

#1 Nord VPN

Nord VPN is one of the best VPN’s to stay anonymous online and browse websites without getting blocked. You can not only unblock YouTube videos but also can unblock many sites such as Netflix, YouKu, BBC iPlayer, Omegle, Tumblr, Tinder, Torrents and countless other websites that are blocked in your region.

Step 1 : Visit Nord VPN and Select any Plan from the list, Use the below link to get 72% Discount (for a limited time)

Activate 72% OFF Discount Code


Step 2 : Enter your Email Addres and Billing Details and Create your Nord VPN account


Step 3 : Download and Install Nord VPN application on your device


Download NORD VPN APp

Step 4 : Open the Nord VPN app on your device and login using your registered email address, you can find your password in your email.

Step 5 : Once logged into your Nord VPN account, now select any location such as USA, UK, Canada and click connect

Step 6 : Now go to the Video you would like to view and open the video.

Step 7 : You have successfully Unblocked YouTube and can watch blocked YouTube videos without any getting any kind of errors

Conclusion :

If you face any errors after connecting, Just change the location to the country of the video. For eg: you are watching  Jimmy Kimmel and it’s an American Channel, change your location to USA

In addition you can check other VPN’s as well, below are some Best YouTube VPN

Best VPN’s for YouTube



[star rating="5"]

Visit Express VPN 

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Visit Private Internet Access

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How to Unblock Websites at School / College / University ? Mon, 30 Apr 2018 11:17:43 +0000 Read moreHow to Unblock Websites at School / College / University ?

If you are a student, then you must be be going to School / College / University everyday. These days Educational Institutions have great advance technology compared to 10 years ago. Most of these institutions are introducing tech such as CCTV cameras in classrooms, hallways, Blocking certain websites on their Institution Wi-Fi server.

This is because the some institutions have this rule that they only show content that is related to Education. But, sometimes you have to download really important thing or browse such as Wikipedia for your research. In such cases, you cannot access websites at school because the school has restricted it’s network from accessing these websites. But, you can still use certain websites at school using a VPN.

What is a VPN ?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that can help you access sites that are blocked, you can use these VPN’s software to browse the Internet Anonymously without anyone spying on your activities.

How to Unblock Websites at School / College / University ?

Method 1 : Using VYPR VPN

VYPR VPN is one of the best VPN when it comes to unblocking websites at school, It has great speed and any website can be accessed in the world in a one click.

Unblock Websites at School using VYPR VPN :

Step 1 : Visit VYPR VPN and sign up for any plan, Click below to Activate Deal.

Step 2 : Once selected, Enter your details such as Email, Password and billing details and make the purchase

Step 3 : Download VYPR VPN app and Install it on your device.

Step 4 : Open the app on your device and Login using your registered email address.

Step 5 : Select any country from the list, If you are located in United States it’s preferred to select United States Location

Step 6 : You have successfully unblocked websites. Now, Start browsing your favorite websites without experiencing any restrictions.

You can also use other VPN’s to unblock websites at school, below is the list of VPN’s for School.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Use Wikipedia, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube using this method ? : YES
  • Will my School know I’m using these Apps ? : NO

Best VPN for Unblocking Websites at School



[star rating="5"]

Visit Express VPN 

[star rating="5"]


[star rating="5"]

Visit Private Internet Access

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Best VPN for Indonesia Sun, 29 Apr 2018 19:35:26 +0000 Read moreBest VPN for Indonesia

Best VPN For Indonesia : Indonesia is one of the largest tourist destination in Asia after Thailand. Bali Island in Indonesia is one of the most visited place in the region. Thousands Americans, Europeans visit Bali Island every day and most of them also stay there for a brief period of time. However, If you are an American, European or from any other country in the world planning to go to Indonesia then you will most probably make a checklist about do’s and do not’s but most people don’t really research about censorship blocks.

When you are traveling your journey is dependent on online apps or websites like for Example Facebook or Reddit. If you are an avid redditor then you might face problems accessing your favorite websites. Indonesia is a country where censorship is rampant, hundreds and thousands of websites are blocked by Government due to the kind of content that is hosted on these websites.

Recently, Tumblr was blocked in Indonesia as adult content was hosted on it, not only tumblr many large sites were part of this ban that includes Reddit, Omegle, Vimeo and many anime websites were also blocked.

So, If you are a local living in Indonesia or a tourist or an expat residing in Indonesia a Good VPN is something you must invest in. We have made a list of Best VPN for Indonesia.



VYPR VPN is one of the Best VPN when it comes to VPN’s. We have been using it personally for over two years and everything about it is great. The reason it deserves top spot is :

  • Great Speed : The Speed is absolutely great. Unlike, some of the VPN’s VYPR doesn’t limit your Internet Speed and let’s you browse at a great speed.
  • No Throttling : VYPR VPN has a No Throttling Policy. You’ll always get great speed without any interruptions.
  • Bandwidth : VYPR VPN has unlimited Bandwidth, You can download and upload as much as you want.
  • Multiple Servers : It has 80+ Servers in Different Locations, from every part of the world. If you want to browse from a specific country Select it from the drop down menu and connect it at no additional charges.
  • No Logging : VYPR VPN doesn’t logs your data, It has a Zero Log Policy.


  • Great Connectivity
  • No Throttling
  • Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth
  • Multiple Servers
  • Zero Log Policy


  • None


#2 Nord VPN


NORD VPN is also known as Anonymous VPN, It is on our second list because of these main features :

  • Protect your IP Address : Nord VPN protects your IP address without being exposed.
  • No Logging : Nord VPN has a strict policy, they don’t keep your browsing history or logs.
  • Kill Switch : If you lose Internet connection due to power cut or cable unplugging, your traffic will be protected.
  • DNS Leak Protection : Protects you from leaking your DNS
  • Multiple Servers : It has hundreds of servers (4192 to be exact) across 62 Countries.
  • Speed : Great Speed.


  • Zero Log Policy
  • Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Multiple Servers
  • Great Speed


  • None


#3 Express VPN


Express VPN is third best VPN for Indonesia, It has some of the best features some which makes it to #3 in our list.

  • Best Speed : Express VPN has one of the best speed, It gives nearly ~speed as your ISP.
  • Multiple locations : Want to browse from a different Location ? You can do it in less than a minute with no extra charges
  • Best Encryption : Express VPN has world class Best Encryption, you can browse safely without worrying your data being collected by your ISP
  • Unblock Live Streams and Websites : With Express VPN you can unblock live streams from other countries such as NBA, Cricket and lot more without getting caught by the filter.


  • VPN Split Tunneling
  • Great Speed
  • Multiple Locations
  • Great Encryption Tech
  • Unblock Websites


  • None

Best VPN For Indonesia


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How to Unblock / Access Torrent Sites in Australia ? Mon, 16 Apr 2018 13:21:55 +0000 Read moreHow to Unblock / Access Torrent Sites in Australia ?

This article will guide you on How to Unblock or Access torrent sites in Australia, In December 2016, Australian Internet Service Providers have started blocking many download sites that include torrent websites it is part of the Australian law that prohibit users from visiting sites that share copyrighted content. While torrenting isn’t illegal, torrent let’s users to share large amount of files easily compressed in a torrent file. but, due to the large amount of copyrighted content shared on this websites many people believe torrents are illegal.

However, Torrents can be used to download stuff like books, PDF’s and it is legal, with the recent torrent ban in Australia it is harder to access torrents websites. In this guide you can learn how to unblock / access torrent sites in Australia.

The only legit way to access torrents sites in Australia is by Using a Premium VPN.

What Torrent Sites Blocked in Australia ?

The Torrent site ban include The PirateBay, 1337X, ExtraTorrents, Kickass Torrents and the list goes on. To get around the ban you need a working VPN.

What is a VPN ?

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network, It establishes a secure connection between the website and a user. A VPN is a powerful tool, Every Internet Service provider logs your history and they would know every site you have visited.

Using a VPN will encrypt your traffic and hide your online activity and no one could know what you are browsing as most of the VPN companies don’t keep logs of your activity.

How to Unblock Torrent Sites in Australia ?

1. Visit VYPR VPN and select any plan, use the below link to get 25% Discount (or) Select any VPN from Best Torrenting VPN

2. In the Next step, Enter your Email, Password, Billing Details and pay for the subscription.

3. Once you have registered, Download and Install VYPR VPN app on your device such as Windows / Mac / Android / iPhone / Blackberry / RasperryPi.

4. Now Open the VYPR VPN on your device and login using your registered Email Address and Password.

5. Click on the Location tab and click show all server locations and select USA Servers or UK Server and connect it.

6. Now go to any of the torrent sites and you will be able to browse torrents easily.

Best VPN’s for Torrenting

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You have succesfully unblocked torrent sites in Australia. If you have any questions post them in the comments section.

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