How to Remove Shortcut Virus from your USB Flash Drive / Computer

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from your USB Flash Drive / Computer : There are hundreds of dangerous computer viruses that can cause harm to your computer or files on your computer. Shortcut virus is one such virus, it doesn’t steal your files unlike other viruses such as ransomware virus. However, it will corrupt anything that you put on your external devices such as USB Flash drive and memory cards etc to name a few. Shortcut virus is easily penetrated on your devices and it will make your external drives and files on it unusable. In a matter of seconds the files on your drive will be unusable and you can no longer access them.

How is Shortcut Virus Created ?

Shortcut virus is created on your device when you attach an USB Flash drive (or) a memory card that is infected with a shortcut virus. Shortcut virus is spread through toolbars that comes with softwares. If there is a strong Anti-virus installed on your device, the anti-virus will wipe off this virus completly even before penetrating into your computer. However, most of the internet cafes doesn’t have a working or strong Anti-virus softwares, so when a user plugs his flash drive into such computers, the virus will be transferred into his flash drive and it’ll penetrate every device that flash drive gets plugged in and it makes files literally unusable.

How to Recover Files from Flash drive with Shortcut Virus ?

When the shortcut virus is penetrated, it won’t let you open any files, it just keep creating more shortcuts, however you can recover your files from flash drive or external drive and safeguard your computer from the shortcut virus.

How to Remove Shortcut virus from your Computer ?

In order to recover files from a Shortcut virus effected flash drive, follow the below steps.

1. Download and InstallULTRAISO” software on your computer

2. Attach the effected flash drive on your computer and open the ULTRAISO program

3. Click Continue to try and now navigate to your flash drive folder (eg: F)

How to Remove Shortcut virus
How to Remove Shortcut virus

4. Drag all the files to the upper section like shown in the above image.

5. Maximize the UltraISO program, and Select all the folders and files then drag them on your desktop.

remove shortcut virus

6. Now you have successfully recovered all your files from shortcut virus effected flash drive.

7. Install a secure and trusted Anti-virus software to protect your computer from any threats.

How to Remove Shortcut virus from your Computer ?

In order to remove shortcut virus, you must need a premium anti-virus softwares. Here are some of the best antivirus software list with the ratings.

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