Websites / Apps like Kik – Kik Alternatives 2020

There’s some sad news if you are a regular KIK user, KIK Messenger is shutting down on October 19th, 2019 KIK Messenger is one of the most downloaded app and with over half a billion users, it is one of the top 10 most downloaded app on the play store and app store. Founded in 2010, KIK Messenger has became one of the fastest growing apps due to it’s simple features such as Anonymity, no email confirmation or phone number confirmation. It is very similar to Reddit, users can create anonymous accounts and start talking to friends by adding them on KIK from their usernames.

As of now, KIK has over 500 million downloads on PlayStore alone, but there is some sad news for those who use kik on daily basis, the app owner has decided to shut it down because they wanted to focus on their cryptocurrency kin and they needed funds to fight the legal battle, I’m sure most of you have met your significant others on the KIK app or used it as timepass, most of the users used KIK messenger due to the groups feature that lets users search other people who had same interests like(YouTube, Anime, Facebook etc).

If you are looking for something similar to KIK messenger, we have listed similar websites or apps like KIK that you could use to talk with your friends online.

Update : KIK has been bought by MediaLab and is not shutting down, This list is still relevant for those looking for KIK alternatives

Note : Most of the apps require some kind of confirmation such as Email confirmation or Mobile confirmation.

Websites / Apps Like – KIK Alternatives 2020

1. Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app with high end encryption, Launched in 2013 Telegram has soon became one of the most used apps by security experts all around the world due to it’s encryption which makes it one of the secure application you can use. Telegram currently has over 250 million registered users and is arguably one of the best KIK messengers alternative app. The user interface of telegram is similar to that of KIK and you need to have a registered email address or phone number to start using Telegram and you can join any telegram groups by a private link that’s been provided to you.

Registration mode : Mobile Number

Registration Confirmation required : Yes

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is yet another messaging app that is similar to KIK messenger, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook inc which also owns Instagram and many other apps. WhatsApp was launched in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum and sold to Facebook in 2014 for about 19 Billion dollars, Initially the app charged 1$ subscription fees per year.

However after Facebook bought the app they made the app free for lifetime meaning you don’t have to pay any subscription fee, Users can register on WhatsApp by using their mobile number and once you are verified, you can sync your contacts to add your existing friends from WhatsApp directly to your contact list.

Additionally, You can also use WhatsApp on your personal computer / laptop by scanning the QR code provided in the WhatsApp Web client.

Registration Mode : Mobile Number

Registration Confirmation required : Yes

3. Snapchat

Snapchat needs no Introduction, It is ranked among apps such as Facebook, Instagram and has over 800 million registered users and 200 million active users every day, Snapchat is very similar to KIK, you can send messages to your friends by adding them using their registered phone number or Snapchat account, users can send messages and videos and voice calls for free and snapchat doesn’t have any kind of subscription fees, The messages sent will quickly vanish once the user have seen the messages, you can change this setting to 24 hours, in the chat settings.

Your messages will be visible upto 24 hours and will be deleted after the 24 hour period. Users can save the message by tapping on a specific message, in case they don’t want the messages deleted after the 24 hour period.

Registration Mode : Mobile number / Email

Registration Confirmation required : Yes

4. WeChat

WeChat is a chinese application, Launched in 2011 and became one of the fastest growing app especially in China, WeChat is one of the most used apps in China, WeChat is best suitable for Chinese users as they get many features using the app. The user interface of app looks very similar to that of KIK in earlier versions, WeChat also has WeChat Pay which is accepted all over china. However, WeChat doesn’t seem to support older version of OS such as Symbian, BlackBerry to name a few.

Registration Mode : Mobile number

Registration Confirmation required : Yes

5. Discord

Discord is mostly used by video gamers, you can say it’s a messenger for video gamers to communicate through texts and video chats on the app. Discord is one of the fastest growing apps with over 250 million registered users and is available on Windows and Mobile devices on major platforms. You can either download the discord app or open the Discord in browser by choosing a username. It is recommended that you register a username if you are looking for longterm, if you have questions or just want to browse then registering isn’t required. In the search box you can type any topics and join the discord server it is similar to KIK groups.

Registration Mode : Mobile number / Email

Registration Confirmation required : No

6. Signal

Signal is an encrypted messaging app created by former WhatsApp co-founder, Which makes it hard for government agencies hard to track or read your messages, Signal is available all over the world and it is banned in some countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and many more due to it’s encryption feature. The user interface looks same as Telegram.

Registration Mode : Mobile number / Email

Registration Confirmation required : Yes


BotIM is a clone of WhatsApp messenger, it has same exact features as WhatsApp. BotIM is used mainly in the middle east as most of the free apps such as WhatsApp calling, IMO doesn’t work in the Middle East. The only drawback of BOTIM is it shows you annoying ads while video calling and users need to purchase premium subscription to get rid of the advertisements.

Registration Mode : Mobile number

Registration Confirmation required : Yes

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