6 Best Sites/Apps Like Tinder to Get Laid – Tinder Alternatives 2020

Sites/Apps Like Tinder in 2020 : Tired of not getting matches on Tinder ? Try these Apps like tinder and Tinder Alternatives to get laid.

Tinder is a dating app, one needs to create a profile and add all relevant things in it to get matches. Everyone would assume they’d start getting matches as soon as they create an account. However, that isn’t true. If you have ever used tinder you’d know the difference between male to female ratio on the app. If you have had no luck on Tinder, give a try on these similar apps like tinder and get laid.

Best Apps Like Tinder and Tinder Alternatives 2020

Ashley MadisonYes

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a hookup app similar to Tinder, On Tinder your info is available to public depending on your settings, you can set your preferences on Tinder app such as visible to men/women and visible to specific age using the filter. But, on Ashley Madison your profile is completely discreet. Ashley Madison terms itself as discreet hookup site and on Ashley Madison you can check any profile you want but these profiles are blurred to protect their privacy, you will only get to see them after you have initiated a conversation. If you are looking for one-night stands or friends with benefits Ashley Madison is your go-to website and most of the women on this site are looking for hookups and no questions asked.


AdultFriendFinder is one more app similar like tinder, it is one of the best websites when it comes to swinging, hookups, one night stands, If you main aim is to look for sex AdultFriendFinder is the go-to site. The site is all about sex, you can read it in the footer and about section of their website. AdultFriendFinder gets over 90 million visits every month and about 72% of it’s users are from USA. If you are looking for something serious like relationships and dating, this site isn’t for you. This site is designed for hookups and swingers and most of the time you will come across them.


Match is the oldest dating website and similar app like tinder in the world, Started in 1993 match is one of the oldest websites with millions of registered users on their website and every month match.com receives about 50 million visits every month. Match.com isn’t a hookup website, however if you are looking for a relationship or dating then this is the perfect website for you, After creating an account you will be shown matches nearby you can filter the distance, age and set your preferences. The secret to get good matches is fill your account with good bio, details and some nice pictures to get attention from women.


eHarmony is yet another tinder alternative, If you are looking for something really serious like a marriage then eHarmony is the right choice for you. eHarmony got millions of people get married who met on their site. The site is very strict when it comes to accepting new users on their website, the site is strictly for singles or divorced people looking to date again. If you are married or underage (under 21) you will most likely get rejected on their website and you can say the moderation is very strict so the users on the sites are real and not bots. Sign up for a basic plan and the best way to get more matches on eHarmony is to fill your profile and the rest it’s algorithm will do the work in finding you a suitable match.


Bumble is yet another app like Tinder, Launched in Early 2015 bumble has over 40 million registered users. This app is very similar to tinder and works exactly like tinder, users need to swipe right to accept and left to reject a person. But, only women can message first on this app when matched with a man and in the same-sex match any user can text first. This app is termed as a feminist app and the founder of the app also called it a feminist app, on Bumble about 48% of the users are women. This is a great alternative to Tinder if you are not getting enough matches on Tinder. If you are situated outside the USA, don’t worry bumble is available all over the world.


Hinge is yet another app like tinder, unlike Tinder you have to click the “heart” button if you want to swipe right and “x” button to reject equivalent of swiping left on Tinder. Hinge was launched in 2012 and quickly became one of the best tinder alternative, although it is availabile all over the world but very selected countries has good amount of users. The top 5 countries Hinge is used in is USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India.

Conclusion : These are some great apps like tinder which you can use to get laid. However, be careful while using these apps and always read their rules.

If a user is asking you for money through cashapp or PayPal or Venmo, immediately block them and if you feel unsure or a user is fake feel free to report it using the report button on the website.


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