Swing Lifestyle and Real Swinger Dating Sites 2019

Swing Lifestyle and Real Swinger Dating Sites 2019 : Swinging has become a trend these days, Swinging is a sexual practise followed by many of them these days, to explore their sexual interests. If you are new to Swinging or looking for something related to Swinging, we have made a Beginner’s to Advance level guide for Swinging.

This guide covers major things related to swinging, below are some topics that have discussed.

Swing Lifestyle : What is Swinging ?

Swing Lifestyle (or) Swinging, in it’s truest form is the swapping of sexual partners. However in a club it tends to cover a multitude of things. It’s popularity is on the rise, though very few people actually talk about it amongst friends, usually as there is a bit of stigma still attached to it and so many questions. Swinging has many names like Partner swapping, wife swapping, hotwife or husband swapping. Usually this trend is followed by couples with couples there is no age group for swinging. Youngsters as young as 21 in a committed relationships are also choosing swinging to explore their interests.

However, Swinging is not forced both the man and the woman discuss about it and if they feel like they’re up for it. they try swinging.


Precautions or safety when Swinging ?

As you would with any sexual encounter with anyone new it is a good idea to protect yourself against unwanted diseases. Always, use protection and condoms especially when you’re swinging with a new couple to protect yourself from any diseases also, ask your partners if they have any diseases.

How to Meet Swingers ?

There’s a couple of different ways to find couples. Online is usually the quickest, you don’t have to ask the usual questions of what they’re after, what experiences they already have etc and you can talk to people at any time without being face to face with them. However, just like dating apps you can’t find out how someone is, any chemistry between you until you actually meet them. If you’ve spent weeks talking to a couple or a single and you find they aren’t quite what you’re looking for it can be a bit disheartening.

The majority of people tend to visit designated clubs, where safety is of paramount importance. They operate a rule of a polite no never offends, this is something you will find at all of them and those not adhering to this will be removed. There is normally a dress code, it’s worth checking out the clubs FAQs as all of them are different. There are absolutely no expectations at these places, and you should never feel pressured to swap or carry out any activity with anyone else you aren’t comfortable with.

Although the swinging scene is pretty much kept a secret there are plenty of clubs around. Just in my local area I know of three or four, but you wouldn’t really know of them unless you were looking, the best bet is to search online they will normally give a rough location. Prices of entry can really vary, as does the facilities there, my preferred club has a hot tub, general play area and a couples only area among others. Some but not all provide towels and there are normally lockers to store your belongings. It’s worth when picking a club to read through their rules and general running of things to find out what suits you. A lot of them have themed nights which are good fun and give you a chance to dress up. They tend to have separate bar areas, some operate a bring your own booze policy others have a licensed bar and even provide a buffet, again something their website will tell you. Arrive when it opens on your first visit, you will generally be shown around and told how the club runs.

I don’t personally swap and when I go I stick with just my partner. However it’s a great atmosphere and a lot of fun. You will see all manner of body types and all manner of ages there so don’t be put off if you’re not keen on parts of you as if I’m honest no one there really cares. People will watch and people will get down to it around you so it’s a pretty body positive place to be.

It can be a bit daunting on your first visit to go to a club without having any kind of experience though a clubs members are usually very friendly and as long as you’re friendly back you won’t have a bad experience there.

How to Choose Swingers or Swinging Couple ?

While Swing Lifestyle,Picking a couple or single you actually want to play with is much the same as outside of that environment. The chemistry between all members needs to be there. Usually the conversation will move round to what you’re looking for, which is about the time you’ll find out if they’re also interested. It can be daunting if you’re new to it, though just be honest with them and say you’re new and they will probably steer the conversation to what you’re after. If not, slot in your questions when the time seems appropriate.

How to Avoid Catfishers ?

Catfishing is unfortunately part and parcel of finding a couple or a single to play with online. It’s not really something you can easily avoid, much like a normal dating app. Normally the advice is to find a profile that looks genuine. Professional photos and a profile that seems too good to be true are usually a big giveaway. Meeting in a swingers club is a much easier way to avoid this, if you’re dipping your toes in it can seem a little full on at first though in my experience clubs tend to be the better way of doing things. With the price of entrance to them being quite steep you generally find the people there are much more genuine and are nine times out of ten there for the same reasons you are.

How to meet Swingers at a safe place ?

If you’ve found someone online it’s usually a good idea to meet up in a public place and get to know what they are like before deciding whether you want to play with them. However I tend to stick to clubs as it’s much safer.

I’ve been attending clubs for a few years now. Whilst I’ve had the odd occasion of someone following me when I’ve said I’m not interested (they have then been swiftly removed) in general it’s been great fun. Remember; you don’t have to swap if you don’t want to. You don’t even have to venture into the play areas on your first visit, though with everything going on there I find it hard to believe you’d sit in the bar all evening. Many people myself included don’t actually swap. Discuss with your partner at length before you go what you’re expectations are regarding what you want to do. I personally would go and stick between two to start with. Normally heading to the play areas a couple of hours after it has opened is a good idea. So if you’re thinking of it, just take the plunge. It’s a great, late night out.

List of Real Swinger Dating Sites 2019

Meeting Swingers in Swing Lifestyle is really easy these days, unlike olden days it’s no longer a hassle with the number of apps that are available these days and using the apps you identity is also protected as most of the apps offer anonymous experience, below is the list of real swinger dating sites list where you can meet and start having a great swing lifestyle.

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