Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2019 for Porn and Blogging

Looking for Best Tumblr Alternatives for NSFW Content ? Comprehensive list of Best Sites Like Tumblr in 2019

Tumblr is one of the best blogging platforms to write, share content, users can make a free blog on tumblr with the tumblr subdomain as suffix. Tumblr users mostly use it for writing personal views, sharing memes, quotes etc. Tumblr was a platform which allowed nudity and pornographic content on it’s website but with limited conditions, only 18+ users can access this content, the blogs containing pornographic images sometimes didn’t show in search results and a “safe mode” button feature was added to warn users that a certain blog contained adult content.

However in December 2018 they had to discontinue and remove every adult image/video (or) anything that contained pornographic in nature from their website. Many people started looking for tumblr alternatives, we have listed some of the websites which are similar to tumblr and allows NSFW content (uploading and viewing)

Tumblr is a blogging platform you can post pretty much everything on Tumblr such as a post, Images, Videos and much more. However, Tumblr has removed the NSFW / Adult section and If your main aim is writing content and posting pictures that includes adult / NSFW then WordPress is your best alternate for tumblr.

How to Create a Blog on WordPress

Creating a blog on WordPress is pretty easy and doesn’t requires any knowledge of coding, you cans setup your WordPress blog in less than 5 minutes, These are the three things you need before creating a blog.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Themes

Domain Name : Domain Name is the address for the users to find your website (ex : but you could setup this without the subdomain like (, after your blog name.

Web Hosting : Web Hosting is the place to store your files like Images, Posts etc on a server.

Themes : Theme is the design of your website, Unlike Tumblr you can choose from hundreds and thousands of free Themes on WordPress.

1. Setting up your WordPress Blog

In order to create your WordPress blog you need to purchase Domain Name and Web Hosting. We recommend using FastComet since it’s one of the web hosting that hosts adult content as long as it’s legal and it’s not CP.

1. Go to FastComet Pricing Plans and choose a plan that suits you best, We’d recommend go for Annual Plans like Yearly (or) 3 Year Plan as you will get 60% OFF (Click the below link to Activate 60% OFF Discount) as you can host unlimited sites on FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra Plans.


2. Now choose a domain name of your choice it could be anything, once you have decided your domain name check whether it is available and in the next step enter your details such as Name, Email, Address and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select billing duration whether monthly / annually etc.

3. In the Extras section uncheck everything except Domain Name and Domain Privacy

4. Next Step is Enter your Billing Information and Complete your Order

5. You will receive Information with all details such as Confirmation of your Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting Details.

2. Connecting your Domain Name with Web Hosting

1. Login to your FastComet Account and Click on My Domains and select the domain you want to setup (the one you registered a while ago)

2. In a new tab, Access cPanel you can do this by following the instructions in your email. Additionally you can access cPanel by logging to your FastComet Account > My Products > Web Hosting > View Details > Login to cPanel (For more information – See this page on how to Access cPanel)

3. Once you are logged in, You will see the Shared IP Address something like this (ex: in this format.

4. Copy the Shared IP Address and paste it in the DNS Records of your Domain Name and set the Record type to “A” from the drop down menu.

3. Installing WordPress on your Website

To Install WordPress, Login to your cPanel (explained above on How to Access cPanel)

1. Login to your cPanel and Domains > Addon Domains

2. Enter your domain name in the New Domain Name section and click on Add Domain

3. Now go back to Homepage and scroll down to bottom and click on Softaculous App Installer and Select WordPress

4. In the Next Step, Click Install Now and from select the website you want WordPress Installed on, Apply the following settings.

Choose Installation URL : Select http:// and keep the directory section to blank otherwise WordPress will Installed on instead of

Site Name : My Blog to your custom name and description in the below section

Admin Username and Password : Enter a custom username and password you want while logging into your website and your email address.

Leave the rest as it is and enter your email address so you’ll be emailed the login details.

You have successfully Installed WordPress on your Website. Next is setting up your website with Themes.

4. Setting Themes

In the Left Sidebar, Hover on Appearance > Themes

Browse from the thousands of themes that you like and Click on Install and Activate to Activate the theme on your website.

To create a post, In the Sidebar click on All Posts > Add New and rest is the same as Tumblr.

Best Tumblr Alternatives for Porn 2019 (NSFW content)


Reddit is the best tumblr alternative if you are mainly looking for NSFW content unlike Tumblr, Reddit doesn’t have any restrictions for uploading adult content on it’s website. About 15-20% of the content on Reddit is Adult and there are hundreds of sub-reddits for adult content and users can comment on their posts. You don’t need an account to view these sub-reddits, you can lurk and read comments and you don’t need to login like Tumblr. But, it shows you a warning when you are visiting these subreddits and only 18+ users can access the site.


Even though Imgur is a image sharing website, majority of Redditors share their Images on Imgur as it’s easy and loads exceptionally fast. Imgur also allows adult content on the website and you can comment on any post by registering on the website for free. Imgur also have similar content on it’s website which shows similar posts from a specific category that you are viewing.

Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google like tumblr you can also create upto 100 blogs on and it is similar to tumblr, like tumblr you can create and start sharing your content and images on the website. Adult Content is allowed on Blogger but you need to mark your blog as “contains adult content” in settings, this will trigger a warning when a user is visiting your blog. But there are certain restrictions please read the guidelines before posting anything.

Best Tumblr Alternatives 2019 for Blogging


WordPress is a great tumblr alternative, Especially if you are into blogging. WordPress let’s you create free blogs and choose a variety of themes from WordPress library on different niches such as Photography, Wedding and more. However, there are two options in WordPress one is and the other is : Limited Option – You can create free blogs on as sub-domain however there are limited features such as default WordPress ads are shown on your blog and in order to add a custom domain you will need to upgrade to a premium plans. If your only aim is to create free blogs, is recommended. : You can create a custom website using, for this you will need a web hosting and custom domain name. But, you can customize however you can using Plugins available in the WordPress Repository.


Blogger (or) Blogspot is yet another great alternate to tumblr, Blogger lets you create free blogs and upto 100 blogs per account. using Blogger is easy and free you will need a gmail account to get started on In addition, there is no fees if you want to add a custom domain unlike self hosted blogs can handle any amount of traffic as it is hosted on Google servers, since it is owned by Google.

  • Easy to use

  • Completely Free

  • Limited Options

  • Need to understand coding for Editing Themes


LiveJournal is one of the oldest blogging platforms even older than Blogger and WordPress, it’s been around the 90’s and it could be best tumblr alternative, Creating blogs on LiveJournal is very easy all you need is an email to get started. Register on Livejournal and click on “Create a Blog” to start a blog But, the user interface isn’t that great looking. If you are newbie it will be hard to make and edit posts.

  • Free to use
  • Limited Options

  • Complex to use


Launched in Early 2014 Medium has grown exponentially in the span of five years. Medium is one of the best alternative to Tumblr. Creating a blog is free on Medium, however you will not get a subdomain instead you will get a path-domain such as [medium/@usernames/your-blog-post] very similar to Twitter. You cannot add a custom domain on Medium and Medium has limited themes. However, you can add your Publication name, Logos etc on your site.

  • Freemium model

  • Access to Hundreds of topics for free

  • Plans starts from as low as 5$/month

  • Limited Themes

  • No Subdomains

  • No Custom Domain


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