How to Take Screenshot in Windows 10 /8.1/8/7 Computer / Laptop

Wondering How to Take Screenshot in Windows 10 or older versions such as Windows 8.1/8/7 ? This article will show you easy methods on taking screenshot on Windows Operating system.

Screenshots saves lots of times, whether you want to take notes from an excerpt on YouTube (or) write down a recipe for a food, you can make use of the screenshot option and save your time, gone are the days where you would need to download a file and crop the required image, In this article you will learn how to take a screenshot on windows OS.

how to take screenshots on windows 10
how to take screenshots on windows 10

There are three easy methods on taking screenshots on windows.

  •  using Windows in-built commands
  • using a third-party software.
  • using Firefox browser

Method 1 : How to Take Screenshot in Windows 10 using Windows in-built commands

  1. Press “Print Scr“on the current screen where you’d like to take screenshot
  2. Press Windows key and search for paint app on the taskbar
  3. Press CTRL+V and select the part of screenshot you want to save
  4. Now, use CTRL+S (or) Save as option to save your screenshots.

Method 2 : Taking Screenshots using third-party software

  1.  Download and Install Prntscr app from here
  2. After Installing, Click on “print scr” button
  3. Select the portion of the screen you want to take screenshot of
  4. Click CTRL+S to save on desktop
  5. You can also save it on the cloud, in case you want to share the image with someone else by clicking on the cloud button beside the tool
  6. Copy the generated URL and share it with your friends.

Method 3 : Taking Screenshots Using Firefox Browser

If you want to screenshot something on a webpage like a part of Wikipedia Article or a News article on the web. You can do it using Mozilla Firefox browser.

  1. Stay on the page you want to screenshot
  2. Right click anywhere and click on “Take a screenshot” option
  3. Select the part where you want to take a screenshot.

Firefox has a great option while taking screenshots, it identifies block so all you need to do is click on a certain block and click the save button in order for it to save the image.

These were two of the easiest methods to take screenshots on Windows computer / laptop. If you encounter any problems, feel free to leave (or) if you have even easier method you can tip us using the comment section.


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