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Best VPN For Indonesia : Indonesia is one of the largest tourist destination in Asia after Thailand. Bali Island in Indonesia is one of the most visited place in the region. Thousands Americans, Europeans visit Bali Island every day and most of them also stay there for a brief period of time. However, If you are an American, European or from any other country in the world planning to go to Indonesia then you will most probably make a checklist about do’s and do not’s but most people don’t really research about censorship blocks.

When you are traveling your journey is dependent on online apps or websites like for Example Facebook or Reddit. If you are an avid redditor then you might face problems accessing your favorite websites. Indonesia is a country where censorship is rampant, hundreds and thousands of websites are blocked by Government due to the kind of content that is hosted on these websites.

Recently, Tumblr was blocked in Indonesia as adult content was hosted on it, not only tumblr many large sites were part of this ban that includes Reddit, Omegle, Vimeo and many anime websites were also blocked.

So, If you are a local living in Indonesia or a tourist or an expat residing in Indonesia a Good VPN is something you must invest in. We have made a list of Best VPN for Indonesia.



VYPR VPN is one of the Best VPN when it comes to VPN’s. We have been using it personally for over two years and everything about it is great. The reason it deserves top spot is :

  • Great Speed : The Speed is absolutely great. Unlike, some of the VPN’s VYPR doesn’t limit your Internet Speed and let’s you browse at a great speed.
  • No Throttling : VYPR VPN has a No Throttling Policy. You’ll always get great speed without any interruptions.
  • Bandwidth : VYPR VPN has unlimited Bandwidth, You can download and upload as much as you want.
  • Multiple Servers : It has 80+ Servers in Different Locations, from every part of the world. If you want to browse from a specific country Select it from the drop down menu and connect it at no additional charges.
  • No Logging : VYPR VPN doesn’t logs your data, It has a Zero Log Policy.


  • Great Connectivity
  • No Throttling
  • Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth
  • Multiple Servers
  • Zero Log Policy


  • None


#2 Nord VPN


NORD VPN is also known as Anonymous VPN, It is on our second list because of these main features :

  • Protect your IP Address : Nord VPN protects your IP address without being exposed.
  • No Logging : Nord VPN has a strict policy, they don’t keep your browsing history or logs.
  • Kill Switch : If you lose Internet connection due to power cut or cable unplugging, your traffic will be protected.
  • DNS Leak Protection : Protects you from leaking your DNS
  • Multiple Servers : It has hundreds of servers (4192 to be exact) across 62 Countries.
  • Speed : Great Speed.


  • Zero Log Policy
  • Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Multiple Servers
  • Great Speed


  • None


#3 Express VPN


Express VPN is third best VPN for Indonesia, It has some of the best features some which makes it to #3 in our list.

  • Best Speed : Express VPN has one of the best speed, It gives nearly ~speed as your ISP.
  • Multiple locations : Want to browse from a different Location ? You can do it in less than a minute with no extra charges
  • Best Encryption : Express VPN has world class Best Encryption, you can browse safely without worrying your data being collected by your ISP
  • Unblock Live Streams and Websites : With Express VPN you can unblock live streams from other countries such as NBA, Cricket and lot more without getting caught by the filter.


  • VPN Split Tunneling
  • Great Speed
  • Multiple Locations
  • Great Encryption Tech
  • Unblock Websites


  • None

Best VPN For Indonesia


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