How to Unblock Websites in UAE/Dubai ?

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How to Unblock Websites in UAE/Dubai ? : UAE is one of the fastest-growing nation in the middle east, millions of expats visit the UAE every year. Majority of people in the UAE are expats from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and these people come to work in the UAE. However, UAE is known for blocking websites that promotes porn, gambling, illegal pirated videos etc. If you try to access a website you will get the following error from your Internet service provider (ISP) with a message saying “This website is not accessible in the UAE” “The internet is a powerful medium for communication, sharing and serving our daily learning needs. However, the site you are trying to access contains content that is prohibited under the “Internet access management regulatory policy” of the TRA United Arab Emirates”

How to Unblock Websites in UAE/Dubai

The telecommunications website states the following reasons why you cannot access a website. Here are some main reasons.

  • Pornographic and Dating Websites
  • Websites spreading hate against religions
  • Websites that spread hate against the rulers of the UAE
  • Websites that promote gambling and drugs

However, there are certain websites that are important in daily life like, but these fall into “grey area” The reason is blocked is, users can host illegal content like pirated movies on, due to this archive was blocked in India as well before.

How to Unblock Websites in UAE/Dubai ?

Here’s how to unblock any website in UAE :

  1.  Sign up for a VPN Service like VYPR VPN or Express VPN
  2. Download and Install the VPN software on your device
  3. Connect to an American or European Server on your VPN Software

Keep in mind not to browse any illegal websites, as you don’t want to get into any kind of trouble with the law. UAE is notoriously known for blocking websites as well as VPN services. However, we have list of some of the Best VPN Services for UAE 2019

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