How to Unblock Youku on Windows / Android / iPhone / iPad

How to Unblock Youku on Android / iOS : China has banned numerous american sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps as a result China has their very own website for anything Badoo instead of Google, QQ instead of Facebook, Youku instead of YouTube. As a result billions of Chinese people use these sites everyday as these sites are written in Chinese and easy to navigate and use them. However, These sites are available within China and not accessible outside China.

How does Youku Block Content ?

YouKu is primarily a chines website and most of it’s users are people living in china, The creators of the content on Youku use a preference where their video can be seen very similar to YouTube some of the videos work outside china and most don’t, that is why you need to unblock youku to watch them outside china. Moreover, Youku use a technic called geo-blocking and with this it identifies an IP and if the website recognize a foreign IP it will instantly block access to the website.

how to unblock youku
how to unblock youku

Why is Youku blocked outside China ?

There are millions of chinese expats in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, America and many others. Since, YouTube is blocked in china and there aren’t many creators on YouTube as compared to Youku, chinese people would prefer to Watch Youku instead of YouTube due to the vast content availability on the platform.

How to Unblock Youku Outside China?

There are several methods on How to Unblock Youku.

#1 Unblock Youku Using a VPN such as ExpressVPN (Recommended)

To unblock Youku on your Windows / Safari / iPhone / iPad use a VPN software such as Express VPN

  • Subscribe to a VPN Service like ExpressVPN
  • Setup your email address and password
  • Download ExpressVPN app on your device
  • Login to your ExpressVPN app using registered email address
  • Select “China” server from the list and start streaming Youku

#2 Unblock Youku Using Google Chrome Extension

If you are using Google Chrome on your Windows / Mac, you can use this method and this method works on PC/Laptop not on mobile devices.

  • Download the Unblock Youku chrome extension from (
  • Install the Extension and close your browser
  • Open the browser and visit Youku website and click on youku extension
  • You can access Youku without any problems.


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