How to Watch HotStar Outside India (in USA / UK / Canada)

How to Watch HotStar Outside India in USA / UK / Canada  : India is the 2nd largest country in terms of population, Indians expats and people of Indian background are spread throughout the world, In fact Indians are second majority population after the native people like in the Middle East and African countries. Indian Cinemas is the second most viewed movies in the world, mostly because of the language barrier. Hindi is common language for Pakistanis and Bangladeshis as well so it’s very easier for them to understand Indian movies and given that Indian movies are produced in large numbers there are lot of options to choose from, apart from movies, Indian music is really famous in the world. Most of the south Indian movies are also translated in Hindi and are available on various platforms. The people from the Indian sub-continent like only two things Cricket and Movies. Indian people living in abroad would definitely want to watch movies and cricket and one main source for both is HotStar.

HotStar is a Indian entertainment website, it is very similar to Netflix and Hulu but it works on Freemium model. There are free shows and there are paid shows which requires a subscription fee to access these content. HotStar has over 200,000 hours of content on various topics such as movies, cricket, news, regional movies and apart from these users with HotStar Premium can access HBO TV Shows such as Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Sex and the city. HotStar has partnered with several International partners such as HBO, StarWorld, HOOQ etc

How to Watch HotStar Outside India
How to Watch HotStar Outside India

How to Watch HotStar Outside India [Free Content]

HotStar has collection of thousands of movies from different Indian regional languages, HotStar app was made exclusively for the people residing in India. However, you can change your location using a VPN such as Nord VPN and stream cricket and Indian movies without any interruptions.

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Here’s how to watch Hotstar outside India

1. Sign up for any VPN Services like Express VPN or VYPR VPN (use the below links to activate discount)

How to Watch HotStar Outside India
How to Watch HotStar Outside India

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2. Enter all your billing details like Name, Email address, Select a password and then make the payment using the wide range of payment options available on the Express VPN website.

3. Now, Download and Install Express VPN Application on your device, ExpressVPN is supported on multiple devices like Windows, Apple, Android, Linux, Blackberry, Chromecast (on a device that you want to watch hotstar outside india)

Download ExpressVPN

4. Open the newly installed Express VPN on your device and Login using your registered email address and password (You can find these in your email)

5. Search for India on the Location Select the Location to “India” and Click Connect


ExpressVPN locations

6. After Connecting to “Indian Server” visit the HotStar website and you will see that HotStar can be accessed without any hassle (or) blocks.

That’s it you have succesfully unblock hotstar to watch it outside India.

Note : If you get any errors, Please clear your cookies or use any other browser (or) try closing the browser and re-opening.

How to Watch HotStar Outside India [Premium Content]

The above method was to watch Free content on HotStar. However, HotStar also has premium content just like Netflix, Hulu and you need to have a paid account to access the premium content. HotStar has recently launched the platform in USA, UK, Canada on popular demand, as there are lots of Indians and in countries like USA, UK, Canada there are very less channels that broadcast Indian TV Shows and with HotStar you can watch hundreds of movies from various languages and this is a plus point as they can watch the movies/TV shows in their native language.

Here’s How to Watch HotStar in USA / UK / Canada

To Watch HotStar in USA / UK / Canada you must first connect to an Indian server with VPN services like Express VPN or VYPR VPN, you can follow the above steps to connect to an Indian server.

HotStar offers two kinds of Premium services

HotStar PremiumHotStar VIP
Includes Indian and Foreign TV Shows / Movies / SportsIncludes Sports like Cricket, F1, Exclusive HotStar Specials
Pricing : ₹999 / Year (or) ₹299 / MonthPricing : ₹365 / Year

1. Connect to an Indian VPN Server and Visit

2. Select the Premium Section and create an account.

3. Use your Credit card / Debit card and make the payment using it.

4. You have successfully activated HotStar outside India.

Note : Some users said that they were unable to access HotStar using the above specified method. HotStar asks you to provide Indian mobile number and Indian debit card to activate the premium section of their portal.

You need to find someone that lives in India like your relatives and friends and ask them to register on your behalf and send them credentials (or) you can ask someone living in India to do it for you in exchange for a small fee. You can find such people on Fiverr,, subreddits like (r/India, r/Slavelabor)

Remember, after upgrading to the HotStar Premium pack you will need to use an Indian VPN Server whenever you watch HotStar Outside India otherwise it will not work without an Indian IP Address.

How to Watch HotStar Outside India without VPN ?

Well, We have described a working method on how to watch Hotstar outside India and if you don’t want to use the above mentioned methods you can always try the HotStar within your country.

Currently, HotStar is available in USA / UK / Canada and their rates are as follows.

HotStar USAHotStar UKHotStar Canada

How to Watch HotStar in USA without VPN ?

  1.  Go to Hotstar US version of the website (
  2.  Sign up for an account using email and password.
  3. choose the plan that fits you best
  4. start watching your favorite programs on HotStar

How to Watch HotStar in UK Without VPN ?

  1. Visit the HotStar UK Website (
  2. Register using Email (or) Facebook
  3. Select any plan whether monthly/yearly
  4. Enter billing details and start enjoying HotStar in UK without any interruptions.

How to Watch HotStar in Canada without a VPN ?

  1. Visit the Canadian HotStar website (or) just go to it will be redirected to Canadian version
  2. Register on the website by choosing a plan that fits you the best
  3. Make the payment and start watching HotStar with your family.

Conclusion : Obviously, If you use the first method mentioned in the website you can save lot of money on the top of that you might get some more TV shows and movies additionally.

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