Kickass Torrents (KAT) Proxy, Unblock

Looking for Kickass Torrents Proxy, Unblock ? then you have stumbled on the right page. Kickass Torrents is one of the biggest torrent website in the world. It is estimated that there are over 12 Million torrents uploaded on Kickass torrents, You can find all kinds of torrents on the Kickass torrents sites such as Anime, Movies, Music, Software to everything. Every torrent file has an option to know the quality of the torrent and it also has rating system. Additionally, it also has comments section where user comments about the quality with images.

What is Kickass Torrents ?

Kickass torrents was first launched in 2008 and quickly became one of the most used websites around the world, it was also featured in top 500 websites of the world which speaks Kickass torrents popularity.

Kickass torrents was blocked multiple times due to copyright content being hosted on the website, however, KAT owners responded saying that they are blocking the sites that have copyright content in them. In 2011 they have migrated to the (Philippines) domain extension right after their main site was blocked.

In 2013, Kickasstorrents was blocked in multiple countries such as Malaysia, Belgium and even on the micro-blogging site twitter, In the same year they were also deindex from the Google search/. They soon moved to

Brief Introduction About Kickass Torrents

After a brief period of time, moved to and then reverted back to, After then it changed to many domain extensions mainly .im .cr most of the sites were deindex on the Google Search Engine and many ripoffs were created in believing it to be the real site. The rip-offs had malware which prompted many users to Install malware on their device.

Lately, Many torrent sites has been shutting down due to the government agencies and Internet Provider cracking down the torrent sites. If you compare the list of torrent sites today, there has been a huge decrease in the torrent sites. Most of the sites has been shutting down themselves rather than Internet Service providers blocking them.

Last year three big sites namely ExtraTorrents, Piratebay and Nyaa Torrents were shut down due to the cracking down. Also, the infamous torrentz search engine have also bid farewell.

As of now, Kickass Torrents seems to be working, but it has been frequently getting blocked. Below are some of the best kickass torrents proxy sites to unblock kickass torrents.

What are Proxies ?

You must be wondering what is a proxy, right ? In simple words, a proxy is something that replaces another thing. If you are using Kickass torrents from blocked countries then you can use proxy sites and can browse the site without any problem. The proxy sites has set of different servers which you can select while accessing a specific website. The proxy site acts as an middlemen, When you visit a proxy site it masks your IP Address and use it’s own available list of IP addresses to show the blocked content.

Additionally, you can choose things you don’t want on a website using proxy such as Javascript, Advertisements.

What are Kickass (KAT) Proxies ?

After the arrest of the original kickasstorrents owner, most of the kickass domains have been seized and the only official site from Kickass team is There are several proxy sites that let’s you browse KAT without any problems. Kickass proxies are list of sites that are mirrored sites made by fans of Kickass torrents so you can unblock kickass torrents easily.

https://kickasstor.chOnlineVery Fast
https://thekat.nzOnlineVery Fast
https://kickass2.chOnlineVery Fast
https://kickassz.comOnlineVery Fast
https://kickassteam.netOnlineVery Fast
https://kat2.orgOnlineVery Fast Fast
https://kickass2.nzOnlineVery Fast
https://thekat.seOnlineVery Fast Fast

So, this was the complete guide on how to unblock kickass torrents, it is recommended to use a VPN while browsing the torrent sites. Below are some best VPN’s for Torrenting

Note : The author of this article doesn’t encourage users in downloading, sharing copyrighted content. Torrent files are used for faster downloads, there are content on the torrent sites that are legal to download and the user is solely responsible on how he use the torrent website.

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