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Looking for Xvideos Proxy, Unblock aren’t you ? then you are at the right place. xVideos is one of the most visited site in the world with over 2 billion visits a month it ranks on the top 50 sites visited in the world. However, xVideos is blocked constantly in some parts of the world such as Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kuwait and it was also blocked in India for a breif period of time in 2015. India is the home to 1.3 Billion people are there are millions of Internet users in India.

The site is blocked mainly in middle east and southern Asia. The site is not blocked in major parts of North America and Europe. However, the site could still not be accessible at university or work due to the college / work place blocking the site. Most educational Institutions only want to show content related to education and block most of the sites including movie sites such as Netflix, Hulu and many sites so the students doesn’t get distracted from studies.

If your university/work place has blocked xVideos, then here is a complete guide on how to unblock xVideos easily.

How to Unblock xVideos Easily ?

xVideos can be easily unblocked using VPN or a proxy, but it is recommended to use a VPN.

1. Go to VYPR VPN and sign up for an account. Use the below coupon to get 25% OFF Discount or select any VPN from the list below.


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2. Once you have registered on VYPR VPN, Download and Install the VYPR VPN application for your device such as Windows / Mac / iPhone / Android.


Download VYpR

3. Now, Open the VYPR VPN app from your Desktop / Mac / Android / iOS and Sign in to your account using your registered email address.


4. Once you have logged into your VYPR VPN account, next is Right click on the Location tab like shown in the image below and select “Show all Server locations”


5. Now connect to any location, Such as Australia, UK, USA. Just select any location and click on Connect button and now start surfing the website.


6. You should see Xvideos unblocked succesfully without any troubles.

So, this was the complete guide to unblock xvideos. I hope this guide has helped you succesfully in unblocking xvideos.

Method 2 : Using Nord VPN

1. Go to NORD VPN and select any plan and register using your Email and password, Use the below link to activate 72% OFF Discount on 2 Year Plan.


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2. Once you have purchased the NORD VPN, Now Download and Install NORD VPN on your device such as Android / iOS / Windows / MAC

DownloaD NORD

3. Once installed on your device, Login to your NORD VPN and select any location such as Australia, United Kingdom, United States or any location.

4. Now start browsing the website, you’ll see the website working smoothly without any trouble.

Other Methods : Proxy [Not Recommended]

There are other methods to unblock xvideos such as using a proxy, but i don’t recommend to use those methods

What is a Proxy ?

A proxy acts as a middle men between you and the website, you can unblock xvideos using proxies but it is not recommended as they slow down the website and takes lot of time to load.

Is Proxy Recommded ?

No, they are not recommended. Some proxies also install malware on your device, now a days some websites such as free proxy websites also mine Cryptocurrencies using your Computer / Laptop which eventually makes your computer / Laptop slower.

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